86 ft HC box cars with the oil wash weathering process. The NS box was darkened by two applications of deep grey with a few highlights along the door track area to simulate rust. It was then wiped gently with a cloth dampened with 90% alcohol to rempve some of the oil layer and add a fading effect.

Metal wheels, KD couplers, and Walther's cushioned underframe details have been added along with metal wheel sets. 

This car has one grey wash with an another one of sienna to warm up the red.  The roof was also given one grey and two sienna to simulate the thinning of paint and the emergence of rust.

The sienna collects at the seams and looks like rust.  The sienna at the the ends likewise looks like the beginnings of rust.

The first very light coat of grey faded the blue due to the concentration of the turpentine.  I then completed it with an over wash of the sienna including the roof.

Alas, these old Athearn blue box cars are inconsistent runners.  No amount of extra weight, underframe strengthening or thinking of good thoughts works.  So, the ones that are beyond help will become yard scenery.

Hello Walthers 86 footers.