These photos are of 30 year old E-8s made by Model Power (MP).  In the 70s, there weren't many alternatives to imported brass, or in plastic, AHM (Rivarossi). Both had really good paint but a marginal drive system without flywheels.  Also, the nose profile on the affordable AHM was totally wrong so your only choice was to graft on an Athearn F-unit nose.  Then Model Power began importing their plastic E9 with a more accurate nose profile (though still wrong), nicer molded details and a huge flywheel.

As I have several of the MPs, I decided to upgrade and use them once again.  This is my fantasy scheme for CSX - what they should be using to pull their executive trains. Or what would be revenue passenger service in a perfect world.

The A-units are mated with Rivarossi B-units to yield 2 AB sets or one ABBA. 

The pilots have been filled, side ladder rails, nose grab irons, roof grabs, exhaust silencers and spark arrestors, MU hoses, sun visors, cab awnings, and windshield wipers have been installed. I  was not happy with the front Kadee mount so that has been changed. The truck side frames and fuel tanks are painted black (will change to silver).

They will become stationary units in the engine service area, or on one of the passenger tracks, when the budget allows for P2K replacements.