Photos were taken from exit 178 on I-40 west.  The map references the location as Maine but all it is a crossing.  There are 2 stubs spurs there but at least one was being groomed by a ballast regulator the day I was there in late March, 2006.  The crossing is open and there is lots of space to park and not be in anyone's way or be trespassing.  It looks like there may have been more track there at one time.  As it is just west of the former Navaho Ordinance facility, it may have been a staging area at one time for the installation.

From the west, trains come in to view as they crest the grade while from the east they can be seen approaching from some distance.  On the day I was there, it was cold and snow had fallen the night before.  This part of Arizona gets very cold and can be very white from early fall to early spring.

The first eastbound was being pushed by helpers!